Peace Lutheran Academy Sussex, Wisconsin

Tuition and Fees

Selected books are purchased by parents for their children at the beginning of each school year. The average cost of books ranges from $100 to $300 per student depending upon the grade. The books remain the property of the parents unless they are purchased by other parents through the used book program. New and used books are purchased in August. Supply lists and other information are sent to parents before the beginning of the academic year.

All students are assessed a $50 annual activity fee.

  • $2,175 Kindergarten
  • $3,215 First through Eighth Grade

(Tuition includes $100 registration fee)

Multiple Child Discounts: Parents who have more than one child enrolled in the Academy during the same school year will pay the full tuition fee for the oldest child. The tuition of each additional child enrolled in the Academy through Preschool will be reduced by an additional 10% for each child. Example: A family with four children enrolled in the Academy at the same time will pay 100% tuition for the oldest child enrolled, 90% tuition for the second child, 80% tuition for the third child, and 70% tuition for the fourth child.

Tuition payment plans are set up at the time of registration. Tuition may be paid annually, semiannually, quarterly, or monthly. Monthly payments are due on the first day of each month beginning with the month of June preceding the academic year for which the payments apply. The Academy reserves the right to call for the full payment of unpaid tuition balances in the event that tuition payments are late, or parents have demonstrated a history of tardiness in their tuition payments. Failure to pay tuition according to the agreed upon plan will result in the discharge of these students from the Academy.

Parents who voluntarily withdraw their child from Peace Lutheran Academy are responsible for the balance of the tuition for the current semester. Prorated refunds will be issued for students excused by Peace Lutheran Academy.

Peace Lutheran Academy uniforms, catechesis materials, and student consumable supplies are additional to tuition and books. Teachers provide a list of student consumable supplies at the beginning of each academic year which are to be purchased by parents. Uniforms may be purchased through Flynn O’Hara Uniforms ( There is no daily hot lunch program. A special hot lunch sponsored by volunteers is offered approximately twice a month.