Peace Lutheran Academy Sussex, Wisconsin

10-Point Commitment Statement

The pastor, congregation, board of education, faculty, and staff of Peace Lutheran Academy are committed to forging a partnership with parents in elementary education and Lutheran catechesis. The education we offer is governed by the following:

  1. A world view which is God-centered rather than man-centered.
  2. Honor and respect for those in authority as representatives of God and understanding the place of Law in the secular and spiritual kingdoms.
  3. The centrality of the Gospel of the forgiveness of sins for Christ’s sake in the life of a Christian and the church.
  4. A partnership and involvement with parents in every area of their child’s education and spiritual growth.
  5. An education based in the core disciplines and humanities: reading, writing, mathematics, science, geography, history, literature, music, and art.
  6. The teaching of language and foreign language for learning the art of communication and rhetoric.
  7. Academic standards which demand excellence and achievement.
  8. The teaching of singing and music in service to the church and for the prayer life of God’s people.
  9. Faithfully teaching the Word of God and passing on the language of our holy faith so that the baptized learn how to receive God’s gifts in the Divine Service, how to pray, how to confess, and how to live where God has called them to live with faith in Christ and love to the neighbor.
  10. The centrality of the Divine Service and daily prayer according to the church’s historic and confessional liturgy of Word and sacrament.