Peace Lutheran Academy Sussex, Wisconsin

Classical Curriculum

What is Classical Education? Peace Lutheran Academy’s curriculum is based on the Trivium (TRIV – ee – um), which dates back to the ancient Greeks. The Trivium divides elementary instruction into three basic parts: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. “Grammar” (not just the parts of speech) includes learning the basic knowledge, information, facts, and vocabulary of a particular subject. History, for example, has its own “grammar”—the people, places, events, dates, and important documents, etc. that are a part of that subject. “Logic” is that part of instruction that helps students use and understand what that information or “grammar” means. For example, the original thirteen American colonies declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. That’s grammar. To understand why they declared independence and what that independence means is the “logic” stage. Finally, “rhetoric” is the stage that encourages the thoughtful use of the “grammar” and “logic” of the subject in applying that knowledge to one’s own life or new situations in the world. In American history, for example, “rhetoric” might include the ability to write an essay that analyzes contemporary foreign policy in light of the founding principles of our republic. The foundation of “grammar” and “logic” are essential for the “rhetoric” stage and are the basics for an elementary education. “Rhetoric” begins in the elementary school and develops more fully at the high school and college level. Peace Lutheran Academy provides the solid foundation for future growth and success beyond the grade school years. Our students do extremely well in high school and college.