Peace Lutheran Academy Sussex, Wisconsin

Core Disciplines

Formal instruction centers on core disciplines and the humanities. Core disciplines are the basic foundations of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Reading is perhaps the most important skill necessary to ensure academic growth and success. Based in phonics, children learn the building blocks for reading. They also learn the foundation for the English language: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. These elements lead to the second core discipline: writing—the ability to communicate, express ideas clearly, and tell stories through both the written word and oral expression. In addition, foreign language study, such as Latin, reinforces and supplements what is begun in English.

Arithmetic is the third core discipline. Our math curriculum uses the Saxon Math Series. This series employs the method of incremental instruction and continuous review so that a foundation in arithmetic is laid for students’ future success as math concepts become more advanced. Mathematics is the foundation for the sciences—biology, chemistry, and physics.